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Our Corporate Mission

Forest Econ Inc. (FEI) specializes in forest and natural resources micro-economics. We are staffed by consulting microeconomics analysts who have decades of project evaluation, market analysis and planning experience for private forests, state and national forests, as well as international agencies and development banks in Asia and South America. For larger projects we coordinate associates as needed who are highly trained in the skills necessary for each contract. 

In partnership with regional economists at Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. and Economic Analysis Systems, our associates specialize in strategic forest management economics, natural resource project evaluation, timber investments and markets, as well as timber taxation. 

We also developed the TreeCents line of timber investment analysis programs for private forest owners that you read about on the TreeCents pages.

Economic Analysis Partners

Economic Analysis Systems

EAS is a group of locally-focused policy impact analysis specialists that includes impact analysis economists and resource sociologists. They specialize in tailored high resolution field calibrated combined rapid rural appraisal and survey-based local community-level input-output analyses.

The EMSI and EAS technologies can separate economic effects within and between sectors locally and in regional trade patterns. This has proven to be a valuable to supplement the older generation of regional and county scale models for economic development planning and policy analysis.

Economic Modeling Specialists Inc.

EMSI is a group of regional economists who specialize in automated input-output modeling for economic development. Their principal analyst invented spatially disaggregated input-output analysis to analyze economic impacts with community resolution. Their newest models are web-based and designed to help economic development and industrial clients find where spatial investments generate the highest linkages. Check out "Strategic Advantage" examples on EMSI's user-friendly local impact models:

Our Analytic Capabilities Can Fit Your Needs
We offer three categories of analytical services and can assemble associates to address other challenges. Please click on our web pages to read about the following analytical services categories.
Project & Market Microeconomic Analyses
Timber Market Forecasting
Strategic Integrated Forest Management Planning
Natural Resource Policy Impacts Estimation


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